Generation We

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There's a new movement in America (95 million) called "generation we." Sounds good. In Hebrew, generation we = "Let there be" times "love." Good and

War and Peace

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It takes might to fight. Deciding what the Torah tells us to do in a given situation is a battle of minds. In the end

I Love You (inter-included)

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An example of inter-inclusion: Say "I love you." Feel the "love you" in the "I," the "I-you" in the "love," and the "I love" in

Love, Care and Devotion

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In this world, from creation to the coming of Mashiach, woman goes through 7 elevations until reaching her husband's crown. In the period following the


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God loves one who diminishes himself. "You are the least of all peoples" – you diminish yourselves. The Zohar says that "he who is small

Simple Faith

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Saying "I love you" gives expression to simple faith – faith in God and in the presence of His spark in your beautiful, good heart.

Flying Lesson #1: Jewish Levitation

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There is a physical exercise called "Jewish levitation," based upon a mystical "unification" gleaned from the writings of the holy Ari. Its first 4 stages:

Shem, Cham, Yefet

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"Noah found favor in the eyes of God." Noah (נח) is favor (חן) spelled backwards. He had 3 children, Shem, Cham, and Yefet. Shem means

Tamar’s Dating Tips

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Tamar, palm tree or date, is the name of three different women in the Bible, all related to kingdom. Judah is the kingly tribe of

Adam, Eve, and the Snake

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Adam, Eve, and the snake, the three players in the Garden of Eden, correspond to mind, heart, liver. Adam Eve snake plus brain heart liver