Mouth to Mouth

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Both Purim and Pesach commemorate the redemption of the Jewish People. Both begin with the letter pei (פ), which means "mouth." Informing Miriam and Aaron

Holy Worms

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The opening phrase of the Torah, "In the beginning God created…" (1202) = "worms" (תולעים) and "doubts" (ספקות). There are good worms and bad worms.

The Creation of Misunderstanding

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"Wisdom" (חכמה, 73), is equal to "misunderstanding" (אי-הבנה). The world was created with wisdom that gives rise to misunderstanding. The Torah begins, "In the beginning

Moses, Shimon, Isaac, Israel

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The Oral Torah is a living, growing organism. From generation to generation its submission and separation dimensions are ever reinterpreted. But with regard to the

The Seven Names of the Evil Inclination

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The sages teach that the evil inclination has seven names. The first name was given by God: "evil," implying a force that takes you "down."

Jethro’s Advice

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Jethro gave excellent advice to his son-in-law, Moses, which he implemented. The advice was to employ others, but only the most qualified. Even Moses can't

Complementary Numbers

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"Love truth and peace" = 853. Mashiach = 358 – two complementary numbers. Light = 207, Shabbat = 702. Shabbat is the day of light.

Miracles, Redemption, Torah

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The Torah calls the Jewish People upon leaving Egypt "the army of God." To leave exile we must become an army, with a commander-in-chief. The

Moses, Plato and Aristotle on the Origin of...

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Maimonides disagrees with Plato and Aristotle regarding the origin of the world. He speaks of the view of Moses in contrast to the other two.

Yocheved and Miryam

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Yocheved and Miryam, mother and daughter, were the two Hebrew midwives in Egypt. When Yocheved gave birth to Moses, Miryam was her midwife. At Moses'