“I Believe:” A Melody Composed by Rabbi...

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  Violin: Mordechai Brotzky Cello: Doron Toister

Rabbi Ginsurgh's Melody Shalom Aleichem

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Rabbi Ginsburgh composed this melody for Shalom Aleichem, sung for generations to welcome the angels of Shabbat. Vocals by Rabbi Shlomo Katz. Paintings used in

Rabbi Ginsburgh and Reb David Refael Feinsh...

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  On Hoshanah Rabbah (Sukkot) this year (5781), Rabbi Ginsburgh’s close friend and student, Reb David Refael Feinshel Ben-Ami, passed away. Dadi, as he was

Video: The Chamber of Music

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Rabbi Ginsburgh expounds on the service of God through song and wordless melody – and how holy song is the channel through which infinite pleasure

Slave of Slaves

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Noah was a "complete tzadik." A tzadik clings to truth, is consistent. Thus Noah was both complete and consistent, but in a confined system. Shneur

God’s Holy Game

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When the mind is too tired to study a Torah text in depth, that's the time to count its letters. God created mathematics for relaxation.