names of God

The Oral Torah

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The Oral Torah comprises the Mishnah, the Gemara, and the Midrash. The original name of the Zohar is Midrash Yehi Or, "Let there be light."

The Meaning of Life

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18 = chai (chet-yud, 8-10), life. The triangle of 8 = 36 (all numbers from 1 to 8) and of 10 = 55, together =


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Some things are easy, others are hard. Hard things present more of a challenge than do easy things. Reach a balance between easy and hard.

The Living One and the Single One

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The two transcendent levels of the soul are the "living one," 23, and the "single one," 37. 23 and 37 are the golden division of

Seeing Eye to Eye with Arabs and Christians

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The prophet says that when God will return to Zion we will see Him "eye to eye," which reads literally "eye in eye." In the


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613 = lights. Its mid-point, 307 = light beauty = Rebecca. Adam = 45. Eve's original name (before the sin), Chayah = 23, Adam's mid-point.

Might and Joy

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"Might and joy are in His place." To be together with God, in His place, one must experience might and joy simultaneously. Might, 77, and

Nature Drowns in Itself

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In Hebrew, "nature" means "to drown." Nature alone drowns in itself, like the Egyptians drowned in the Red Sea. Faith saves nature's life. "Havayah is

Back and Front, Science and Torah

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"You [God] have formed me back and front." In Tanya we learn that the back of Divine wisdom is science and the front is Torah.

Healthy, Strong, Happy

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A traditional blessing: "May you be healthy, strong, and happy." Healthy means a healthy mind to understand and a healthy body to do good. "Strong"