The Song of the Angels Here on Earth

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“Many are the sorrows of the evil person, and he who trusts in God – lovingkindness surrounds him” (Psalms 32:10).   This verse, one of

Q&A: Psalms to Say for Others

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Q: Are there certain chapters of Psalms to say when praying for someone? A: First of all, it is good to say the chapter of

Why Pray?

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What is the job of the believer? He can be a teacher, a cyber expert or a farmer. He can be almost anything. But the

The Seven Chambers of Prayer in the World o...

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Translated excerpts from a class given by Rabbi Ginsburgh on the 5th of Av, in honor of the Holy Arizal’s day of passing. The Morning

Images and Shadows: Why Foreign Thoughts Ar...

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By Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh Our service of God requires that that we incorporate and express God’s Divine light in the vessels of reality (“a dwelling

Names behind the redemption

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One of the interesting things about Parashat Shemot, which literally means, “Names,” is that aside from the initial listing of all the names of Jacob

Counting the Omer – the web site

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The gift of prayer

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The Holy Land– the greatest gift of all The opening verse of this week’s Torah portion begins Moses’ account of how he prayed to enter

Freedom of Speech

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In Hebrew, the word for Passover, Pesach (פסח), reads Peh Sach (פה סח), "a talking mouth." Pesach celebrates freedom, first and foremost – freedom of

Miscellaneous Tweets, Part 2

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Meditative prayer lifts us up and out of our mundane reality. The early chasidim would meditate an hour, pray an hour, then meditate an additional