Q&A: Prayer for Myself and Others

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Q: Is there is a special chapter of Psalms that I can say for myself? A: According to the Ba'al Shem Tov, a person should

Q&A: Psalms to Say for Others

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Q: Are there certain chapters of Psalms to say when praying for someone? A: First of all, it is good to say the chapter of

Fleeing from God

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An angel asked Hagar, Sarai's maid, "where are you coming from and where are you going?" She answered, "I'm fleeing from Sarai my mistress" ("אֵי

Being King David

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Of the Bible's 24 books Psalms is the 14th. David wrote Psalms. David = 14. In Psalms he lives on. David lived 70 years. 70