Continuing the Joy From Purim to Pesach wit...

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Purim is over, but we keep increasing our joy.

Why did Mordechai smile? Purim 5770 Farbre...

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A short excerpt from the Rav's Purim farbrengen of 5770.

Can we be Authentically Happy? Part 2

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In part 1, we discussed how natural joy is the happiness in who we are, in our very existence. It already exists within us. All we have

Can we be Authentically Happy? Part 1

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Click here for Part 2 of this article Purim is right around the corner and now we are obligated to be happy. That’s an order!

Ahashverosh, Pharaoh and Revolutions

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Rabbi Ginsburgh delves into the revolutionary, transformative aspects of Purim and discusses the Four Revolutions.

Purim: March into the Unknown

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Print this article Excerpted and translated from a Purim farbrengen with Rabbi Ginsburgh, Purim 5772 (2012). The sages say that, “one is obligated to drink

Purim: Getting Off the Ferris Wheel

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We can see the year as a big Ferris wheel. We get on the wheel during the month of Nissan, the first month of the

Rabbi Hillel of Paritch: A Purim Promise to...

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Rabbi Hillel Halevi of Paritch (Parwich) was born in the town of Khmilnyk in 5555 (1795) to his father, Rabbi Meir, who was a Chernobyl

A Purim Farbrengen with Rabbi Ginsburgh

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Rabbi Ginsburgh shares secrets of Purim.