Rabbi Akiva

Q&A: What is God Telling Me?

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Q: Recently I have experienced a series of unpleasant events that have all happened with Divine Providence: Things breaking down, theft of valuables, and high

A Piece of Paradise

Mar 08, 20111 Comment

Only Rabbi Akiva came out of  paradise in peace… But why not just enter paradise and stay there? Why must we leave? The Zohar says

Surviving Paradise

Mar 06, 20113 Comments

Four sages entered paradise (פרדס, pronounced pardes, lit., orchard) in attempt to rectify Adam's primordial sin. Only one, Rabbi Akiva, entered in peace and came

Falling Up

Feb 24, 2011No Comments

"The tzadik falls seven times and rises." Each fall is for the sake of an additional rise. After each fall you get a raise. After