Rachel: Understanding Infertility: Part 3

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Click here for Part 1 of this article Click here for Part 2 of this article Shema Yisrael The sages teach that the remedy for

Q&A: Rachel, Speech and Silence

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Q: What is the connection between Rachel and speech? And why is she silent? A: The power of speech corresponds to the sefirah of malchut,

Rachel: Understanding Infertility Part 2

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Click here for Part 1 of this article Click here for Part 3 of this article   Make Your Voice Heard Rachel is not the

Rachel: Return to Jewish Nature

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The 11th of Cheshvan can be called “Jewish Mother’s Day” (יוֹם הָאֵם הַיְּהוּדִית). This is the day of passing of our matriarch, Rachel. It is

Divine Providence and the Way We React to I...

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Direct Light and Reflected Light God creates reality through His speech. He said, “Let there be light!”[1] and light was created. Chassidut teaches us that

From Nothing…

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In Hebrew, the question “where [am I/are you] from?” (מאין) contains the answer. “Where from?” literally reads “from nothing.” The first appearance in the Torah

Waving the Flag of Torah

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Consummate service of God unites meditation (919), prayer (515), and action (415). They complement one another. Together, 1849 = 43^2. Meditation connects mind to heart.

Rebuilding our Inner and Outer Worlds

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The Temple Mount’s Western Wall is called the Wailing Wall because people come to pray there and cry. In the future every tear will rejoice.

Complementary Numbers

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“Love truth and peace” = 853. Mashiach = 358 – two complementary numbers. Light = 207, Shabbat = 702. Shabbat is the day of light.