The Rebbe Rayatz: Writings in Exchange for ...

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With true self-sacrifice, the Rebbe Rayatz directs his aide to burn his memoirs and the historical accounts he had written. This self-sacrifice is totally for

Q&A: Is the Rebbe Looking at Me?

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Question: A picture of the Rebbe has increasingly served as a spiritual barometer for my actions. If I am doing well – the Rebbe looks

A Tzaddik is Born

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In his Sefer Hamidot, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov writes: “When you suddenly feel that joy has entered your heart, it is because a tzaddik (righteous person) has been

The Rebbe Rayatz: The Greatest Doctor of Al...

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The Rebbe Rayatz, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson, was the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe. Born to his father, the fifth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Shalom Dov Ber in 5640

“My Father, My Father”: The Personal Re...

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A main innovation of Chassidut is the personal, inner and essential – even intimate – connection between a chassid and his rebbe. (As the Alter

The Lubavitcher Rebbe: Connecting with Thou...

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A story about Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the revered and beloved 7th Lubavitcher Rebbe, whose yahrtzeit is the 3rd of Tamuz. After a number of

Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Schneerson: The Powe...

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Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Schneerson was born on the 25th of Adar 5661 (1901) to her parents, the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe, the Rebbe Rayatz and her

Video: Painting a Portrait of Mashiach

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The Lubavitcher Rebbe taught us that the way to bring Mashiach closer is by studying those topics relating to Mashiach and the redemption in Torah.

The Secret of Synthesis – The Beinoni Par...

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Rabbi Hillel of Paritch, one of the great masters of Divine Service among the chassidim of Chabad had a very keen definition for mitnagdim (those

A Nation that Dwells Alone (and an interest...

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The last verse in the haftarah (the weekly reading from the Prophets) of parashat Balak reads (Michah 6:8), “It has been told to you, man,