Rebecca, Esau, and the Fourth Revolution

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The boys wrestled in her [Rebecca’s] womb and she said, “If so why do I exist?” She went to inquire of God. God answered her,


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613 = lights. Its mid-point, 307 = light beauty = Rebecca. Adam = 45. Eve's original name (before the sin), Chayah = 23, Adam's mid-point.

Man is Light, Woman is Beauty

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In Kabbalah, man is light and woman is beauty. Man illuminates woman (finds her) and woman embodies man (forms him). Man-light = 518 = 7

Isaac’s and Rebecca’s Prayers

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When we perform a mitzvah we hug God (and He hugs us) as it were. When we learn the sweet words of Torah we kiss.

"Hey, you know what's really fun…."

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"And these are the generations of Isaac the son of Abraham, Abraham begat Isaac." Know who your father really is; he can make you potent.

Samson and the Garlic Eaters

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The Mishnah says that Jews are connoted "garlic eaters," for on Shabbat eve they eat garlic to increase their seed. Samaritans don't eat garlic on