Hitbonenut (Chasidic Meditation) in Our Gen...

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Sensitivity for the changing mentality of each generation, with its constantly renewing scientific worldview that also brings about cultural change, requires adaptations in the work

Torah and Science: The Contemporary Meanin...

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Excerpted from a lecture by Rabbi Ginsburgh on the 8th of Nissan, 5783. Good evening.* We are in the month of geulah (redemption), may it

Taxonomy: Species in the Oral Torah

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Groups of Species One of the most interesting ways that the word “species” (מִין) used in the Oral Torah[1] is as part of idioms. The

Masters of Names

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Before Yisroel Ba'al Shem Tov there were three Ba'alei Shem: Eliahu Ba'al Shem, Yoel Ba'al Shem, and Adam Ba'al Shem. "Ba'al Shem" means "master of

Ruling in the Exception

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Progress in science (and society) is made by taking note of details that a previous theory is unable to account for. The history of modern

Loving your Opposite

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Rabbi Pinchas of Koretz (one of the great disciples of the Ba'al Shem Tov) said that a consummate tzadik (righteous person) is one who loves

Surviving Paradise

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Four sages entered paradise (פרדס, pronounced pardes, lit., orchard) in attempt to rectify Adam's primordial sin. Only one, Rabbi Akiva, entered in peace and came

Accepting our Mental Limitations

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Don't weaken your mind by trying too hard to understand things that are above your ability to comprehend. Our minds are limited, they function within

Rectifying the State of Israel in 10 Steps

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Rectifying the State of Israel in 10 steps: Step 1: Faith in the Torah (the Bible as interpreted by the Sages) as the Word of

Miscellaneous Tweets, Part 2

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Meditative prayer lifts us up and out of our mundane reality. The early chasidim would meditate an hour, pray an hour, then meditate an additional