Holy Worms

Mar 10, 2011No Comments

The opening phrase of the Torah, "In the beginning God created…" (1202) = "worms" (תולעים) and "doubts" (ספקות). There are good worms and bad worms.

Bittersweet is the Sweetest

Mar 09, 20111 Comment

The Ba'al Shem Tov taught that Amalek (עמלק, 240), Israel's archenemy, is equal to "doubt" (ספק). No doubt that he is the original skeptic. Amalek

The Worm of Scepticism

Mar 09, 20112 Comments

Elisha Acher came out of paradise a heretic. What went wrong? A worm had been eating away at him all the time. The worm's name:

Skeptical of Skeptics

Feb 24, 2011No Comments

Skeptics are unwilling to include God as a factor in explaining the workings of nature. Their formula will always be lacking and never work. I