structure of the soul

The Seven Names of the Evil Inclination

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The sages teach that the evil inclination has seven names. The first name was given by God: "evil," implying a force that takes you "down."

How to Write a Novel

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The mind strives for certainty. The highest level of crown, above mind, is "the unknowable head." They are meant to complement one another. The knowledge

Body, Intelligence, Desires

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Who am I? Not my body, not my intelligence, not my desires, they were all given me. So who am I? I'm nothing, one with

A Longing Soul

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Before his passing King David said to his son Solomon, "Know the God of your father with a perfect heart and a longing soul." "A

Light and Might

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Chanukah is a holiday of courage and light. Torah is light. Our courage to live by the Torah no matter what reveals new light in

Sarah and the Binding of Isaac

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Sarah, although not physically present, was the catalyst in the Binding of Isaac to unite father and son. In the Binding of Isaac, "the two

Love, Care and Devotion

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In this world, from creation to the coming of Mashiach, woman goes through 7 elevations until reaching her husband's crown. In the period following the

The Many Circumcisions of the Soul

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God appeared to Abraham because after endless good deeds that he had done to age 99 he still felt himself uncircumcised. To circumcise oneself is


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God loves one who diminishes himself. "You are the least of all peoples" – you diminish yourselves. The Zohar says that "he who is small

Spiritual Anatomy

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The two kidneys embody active and passive trust in God, taking initiative and relying solely on God. More generally, the endocrine and immune systems correspond