Lights of Chaos in Vessels of Order

Mar 28, 20112 Comments

The messianic formula: Lights of Chaos in Vessels of Order. Lights of Chaos are great, unbounded lights. They give full, outspoken expression to what one

Elisha's Chaotic Sleep

Mar 09, 20112 Comments

Elisha Ben Avuya was dubbed Acher, "other," because he left the side of Torah (the side of faith) and went to the "other side" (the

Miscellaneous Tweets, Part 2

Feb 24, 2011No Comments

Meditative prayer lifts us up and out of our mundane reality. The early chasidim would meditate an hour, pray an hour, then meditate an additional

Moses, Shimon, Isaac, Israel

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The Oral Torah is a living, growing organism. From generation to generation its submission and separation dimensions are ever reinterpreted. But with regard to the

Curing Personality Disorders

Feb 24, 2011No Comments

The first one to cure personality disorders was King Solomon. Then came Maimonides and then came the Ba'al Shem Tov. Today psychiatrists and psychologists think