Q&A: Torah Stories Literally as Writte...

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Q: Excuse me for saying this, but some of the stories in the Torah seem quite far-fetched. Am I supposed to believe them literally? A:

Complete Torah, People and Land of Israel

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In Kabbalah, we are taught that the super-conscious light and experience of keter (crown) reflects itself fully in the consciousness of binah (the mother in

The Gift from the Desert

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Everyone knows where the Giving of the Torah took place: At Mount Sinai, of course. But where is Mount Sinai? Nobody is exactly sure. Researchers

Q&A: Aliyah to Torah Meaning

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Q: I have read that when a person is called up to read the Torah,  he should closely look at the verses, because there will

Torah Healing: Advice from the Noam Elimele...

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During this time of isolation, Rabbi Ginsburgh has begun to teach a short audio lesson daily. In this first lesson, on the day of passing

Q&A: Torah Reading: Why Only Men?

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Q: Are men the only ones allowed to read the Torah to both males and females? I was born to read the Torah in front

Live Broadcast

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Day Without Fire

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Parshat VaYakhel opens with the command to keep Shabbat. This command concludes with the injunction: "Do not kindle a fire in any of your dwelling

A Blessed Census

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Parashat Pekudei deals with constructing the Mishkan (the Tabernacle). It begins by enumerating the weights of the precious metals that the Jewish people donated. By

Connecting "Me" to "My Name"

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The Tabernacle connects between two levels: "For Me" and "For My Name." These allude to two paths to serving God For My Name In the