“Order of Times”

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Many scientists today are asking "what happened before the big bang?" In Kabbalah we learn that before real time there was "order of times." The

Standing to Hear the Word of God

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The first two of the Ten Commandments, to believe in God and not to worship idols, we heard directly from the mouth of God, as

Moses, Plato and Aristotle on the Origin of...

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Maimonides disagrees with Plato and Aristotle regarding the origin of the world. He speaks of the view of Moses in contrast to the other two.

Jacob’s Ladder of Evolution

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In the first account of creation the Torah describes man's creation ex-nihilo. In the second account the Torah describes man's formation. The Arizal says that

Angles on Angels

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Every person has his angle or perspective on reality. Every angle is an angel. Just imagine how many angels there are. The three lower worlds,

Choosing to Lose Choice

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Man can choose to live as though there is no free choice, rather all is determined by God who is absolutely good. To choose to