Torah and Science

A Melody with a Story

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Walking with Simple Sincerity

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Melody: Rabbi Ginsburgh Violin: Mordechai Brodsky Cello: Doron Twister

Mathematics for Vayigash: Fruitfulness, Lov...

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Parashat Vayigash, the 11th and second-to-last portion of the Book of Genesis, marks a turning point. In it, we read about the shift from the

Gematria Shorts for Mikeitz 5783

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The value of the two words, “and Pharaoh was dreaming” (וּפַרְעֹה חֹלֵם), 439, which set the stage for Joseph’s rise to power in our parashah,

"From the Fountain of the World to Come"

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Rabbi Ginsburgh composed this melody in honor of the 9th of Kislev, the birthday and day of passing of the Mittler Rebbe of Chabad.

An Ancient Melody

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This melody is from Rabbi Ginsburgh’s disk, “Meditative Melodies for Chanukah” Vocals: Rabbi Ginsburgh Violin: Mordechai Brodski

Love, Love Love?

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Our generation does not like to hate. It is doubtful that there is less hatred between nations, sectors, or individuals in today’s world. But as

“I Believe:” A Melody Composed by Rabbi...

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  Violin: Mordechai Brotzky Cello: Doron Toister

Holy War?

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What is the Jewish law regarding idol worship in our days? Do we have to immediately embark upon a holy war to destroy all the