Natural Consciousness Seminar – Six Part Series


Tape 1:  Choosing Happiness, Tape 2 & 3:  Making the Mundane Divine, Tape 4 & 5:  How to Access our Latent Potential, Tape 6:  Deliberate Ability — Unification of Light & Sound.


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These lectures are part of a 6 class series called “Natural Consciousness”

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Tape 1:  Choosing Happiness

  • Active Combustion: Prayer and Torah Study
  • Common Denominator of Prayer and Torah Study: Eating
  • Prayer – Opening the Secret Dimension of the Heart to G-d
  • The Fire of Eating and Drinking – Achilah Shtiyah
  • Acronym for Aish – Fire (alef shin)
  • Preparation for Prayer: 1. Torah study  2.Meditation

Tape 2 & 3:  Making the Mundane Divine

  • The Meanings of the Word “Mitzvah”:
  • Does Natural (Unification) Consciousness Mean that Everything is Equal?
  • Teva – Nature
  • The Secret of Levi

Tape 4 & 5:  How to Access our Latent Potential

  •  The Power of Reproduction:  “Be fruitful and multiply.
  • Hebrew Words with Root of Etzev
  • Archetypical Souls of Rectification of Covenant
  • Levi
  • Roots for “Guard”

Past Consciousness – pessimism, skepticism, bound to existential doubt, fatalism, choosing death

Present Consciousness – what you see is what you get

Future consciousness – (yintzoru) Person in future manifests infinite potential. The future potential is actualized in the present and becomes ultimate good

  • Nine  Dynamics of Actualizing Potential

There are two types of order: Birth Order and Rectification Order

1) Birth (natural) Order: The power of yesod is the deep power in the psyche to line up and order one’s talents. They will then emerge from the channel in an orderly manner. If person tries to accomplish objectives in an improper order, he will not actualize his objective.

Rabbi Issac of Homil

2) Order of Rectification — Mature order — for those wrestling with pgam habrit. Pgam habrit begins with hitkashrut (spiritual) touch of da’at.

Tape 6:  Deliberate Ability — Unification of Light & Sound

Torah 611
Brit  612
Commandments 613

In Hebrew, brit (covenant) is spelled beit, reish, yud, tav; The first word in the Torah, “Breishit,” is spelled beit, reish, alef, shin, yud, tav. These are the letters of brit, plus the alef and shin in the middle, which spell “eish,” fire. The Torah is God’s covenant of holy fire with the Jewish people. 612 = 36 times 17 (tov, Hebrew for “good”)

  • Deliberate Agility

The Ba’al Shem Tov’s 3 Directives for Rectified Jewish Life:



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