The Unique Spirituality of Women and Children: Chapter 9 – Two Levels of the Inner Dimension

Chassidut and Kabbalah present a deeper explanation to the above verse, which in fact is more fitting to the literal meaning of the words in Psalms.

There are two levels to the inner dimension. One is the inner dimension of the heart as the intermediate, and the other is the inner dimension of G-d. In order to get to the inner dimension of G-d, one has to go through the inner dimension of his own heart. G-d wants us to ultimately reach His inner dimension. First, the heart says in the Name of G-d, “Look for yourself [by looking into my inner dimension].” Ultimately this is for the sake of returning, teshuvah, and coming to the Face of G-d. The heart says “look into my inner dimension,” and apply the inner dimension of the heart as “the inner dimension of the heart which controls the mind.” Then the speaker answers that through the inner dimension of his own heart, he will be able to behold that very inner dimension of G-d, to which even Moses did not merit in his first gilgul (“reincarnation”) as the “first redeemer” (from the Egyptian exile).

These two levels of inner dimension are Chochmat Nashim, the Wisdom of Women and the Ruach Hakodesh of taf. The wisdom of the woman is the inner dimension of the heart itself. This is intended to rule over the mind. It becomes activated and aroused in the period of ElulTishrei. These months bear a propensity to discover one’s innermost dimension?a new and innovative state of being of which one was previously unaware.

The taf, ta’amei mikrah, is at even a higher level. This is the level of Et panecha Hashem avakesh, “for Your Face, G-d, I will search.” As explained above, the level of taf is the revelation of G-d’s transcendent light (“for Your face, G-d, I will search”), whereas the level of nashim is the revelation of G-d’s immanent light (“search for my Face”).

Other chapters in this series:

  1. Teneh–Revealed and Concealed Levels of Torah
  2. Teneh – Categories of the Jewish People Correspond to Levels of Torah
  3. Hakhel – To Learn, to Hear, to Merit
  4. Taf (Children) – Drops and Prophecy
  5. Nashim (Women) – Breath and Soul
  6. Inner Dimension of Torah and the Inner Dimension of the Heat
  7. Redemption in Merit of Women and Children
  8. Search For My Inner Essence
  9. Two Levels of the Inner Dimension
  10. Israel, Torah, and God – Inner and External Dimensions
  11. Four Directions and the Four Worlds
  12. Emanation Consciousness – No Friction
  13. Face, Innerness, Glory, and Atzilut (Emanation)
  14. Awareness of a Higher Dimension Helps to Create a Good Year

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