The Unique Spirituality of Women and Children: Chapter 10 – Israel, Torah, and God – Inner and External Dimensions

The Zohar reveals that Israel, Torah and G-d are interconnected. Each of these three entities has an inner, concealed dimension, and an outer, revealed dimension. Kabbalah and Chassidut teach that there are two possible patterns of connecting these three two-dimensional levels together.

The pattern of connection that takes place during the entire year is a zig-zag. The outer dimension of the lowest level has to find its inner dimension, with which it connects to the outer dimension of the middle level. This level thereafter connects to its inner dimension, and thereby is able to reach up to the outer dimension of the third level, which then connects to its own inner dimension. This is one possibility of the connection dynamic between the three two-dimensional levels.

During Elul and Tishrei we reach a much deeper state of consciousness, bringing with it a different connection dynamic. In the zigzag pattern of connection, each step is a process which takes time. Any process takes time to develop and evolve. The Elul?Tishrei pattern, which is a direct connection, is above time, instantaneous. Automatically, all the outer levels become manifest as one. Simultaneously, all the inner levels also connect.

The outer level of the Jewish People, the rational mind, connects to the outer level of the Torah, the level of Torah which the rational mind studies and integrates. This level connects to the outer level of G-d. The outer level of G-d is the revelation of G-d's providence, immanence and omnipresence throughout creation.

At the very same time there is a simultaneous connection and link between all the three inner dimensions. The inner dimension of the Jewish soul becomes conscious of the inner soul of the Torah, which reveals the inner and ultimately infinite, transcendent dimension of G-dliness. G-d's inner level is the revelation of His transcendence, His true infinity. In the face of G-d all of reality becomes null.

The verse in Psalms 27 say, "Look for My inner dimension." As soon as one reaches in truth the depth, the inner level of the heart, which is the secret of Chochmat Nashim, one is automatically able to directly address and reach the inner dimension of G-d. This is called et panecha Hashem avakesh, the level of taf. This is one of the deepest teachings of the months of ElulTishrei in every year. It is especially pertinent to this year, the year of women and children.

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