The Unique Spirituality of Women and Children: Chapter 13 – Face, Innerness, Glory, and Atzilut

The concept of Panim, face, is connected to women even more than to men. In the verse, Kol kvuda bat melech pnimah, “All the glory and beauty of the princess is inside,” the word pnim is pnimiut, face. The simple explanation of the verse is not that the woman is supposed to lock herself inside the house. The meaning is that the origin of the woman is from the most inner chamber. She should always retain that consciousness. The origin of her soul is from pnimiut. The “glory” refers to the origin of the soul. All the glory of the princess, and every Jewish woman is a princess, comes from pnimiut.

The taf is pnimut shebapnimiut, the “inner innerness.” One of the simple explanations of taf is that the infant arouses in the mother the experience of the infinite being within her. If she herself is pnimiut, the infant inside her is the pnimiut shebapnimiut. This is called nishmata l’nishmata, “the soul of the soul.”

The concept of “face” is the level of Atzilut, nobility. Every Jew is noble. The true nobility of the Jewish people is the level of the world of Atzilut, which is the experience of the face. This is the origin of the Jewish woman, Kol kvuda bat melech pnima.

Ultimately everything must begin with the face. The face is the face of one’s own heart. Since it is not in a state of self-consciousness, there is no friction, and nothing will prevent it from automatically and instantaneously connecting, through the face of the drop, through the inner dimension of the Torah, to the inner dimension of G-d, et panecha Hashem avakesh. This comes from the level of women to the level of taf, completing the picture.

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